Dessertwijn - oude bewaarwijn riesling eiswein

S.A. Prüm, Graacher Dompropst Riesling Eiswein Fass 58, 2002

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S.A Prüm is a family-owned wine estate nestled on the banks of Germany’s serene Mosel River, at the heart of the country’s celebrated Mosel growing region. Here, the Prüm family has cultivated vines for over 200 years. The estate has been in the hands of Raimund Prüm, owner and winemaker, since 1971 when he assumed full management. Under his leadership, the property has become one of the region’s most successful wineries, boasting an international reputation for the production of exquisite Rieslings.

This estate-bottled, single vineyard Riesling is produced from grapes grown in the prestigious Graacher Dompropst vineyard in Germany’s Mosel region.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Riesling

QUALITY: Prädikatswein, Eiswein - Icewine

BTL: 0,375ml

Color: Gold
Bouquet: Gorgeous aromas of peach, pineapple and mango with citrus and lime overtones
Taste: Harmonious and beautifully structured, showing concentration and finesse

Grapes for this Eiswein were harvested during deep frost, in the early morning hours of the 11th of december and pressed while still frozen. The naturally high, concentrated levels of sugar and acidity were carefully preserved during the eight week fermentation process. The resulting wine was aged in stainless steel and bottled under natural cork.

AGING CAPACITY: 50-70 years

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: A rare wine to enjoy for sheer pleasure. Also outstanding with a variety of desserts