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Peller Estates - Ice Cuvee Rosé

Adviesprijs: 29.95  


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A traditional ‘méthode’ sparkling wine made with hand-picked Pinot Noir (70%) and Chardonnay (26.5%) grapes, and the addition of Gamay Noir (3.5%), all aged in stainless steel just before tirage. After 12 to 14 months on lees the wine is disgorged, and a 100 ml dosage of Vidal Icewine is added. Enhanced by the burst of flavour from Icewine and the bright berry character of the Gamay Noir, a sparkling wine of unique style and finesse is created.

Very fine bubbles rise gently against a delicate pink backdrop. A lovely, clean, fresh bouquet of apricot, wild raspberry, melon and Rainier cherry. This dry sparkling wine has an up-front creamy mouthfeel with an elegant mousse, and flavours of raspberry and juicy white peach. The refreshingly crisp finish shows exciting notes of cranberry and white currant.

Serve at a cool 8 to 10ºC in sparkling wine glasses. Enjoy as a casual sipping wine before dinner, during festive celebrations, or as a companion to wonderful meals. Serve with young creamy cheeses and crusty baguettes; bruschetta; calamari; sushi; steamed mussels; fish cakes; roasted salmon; roast of pork; lightly spiced pork tenderloin; roast chicken or turkey